Chin-Chin for Real-World to Digital Engagement

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The real-world to digital engagement loop is what So Interactive's new campaign for Ocean Basket and the beachhouse wine's is all about. The new,

Greek Madness campaign is filled with a passion for living life and eating the very best seafood, and it brings the real and digital worlds together.

To make this happen with maximum fun and engagement, So Interactive's creative team has generated a stack of crazy chin postcards for off-the-wall selfies, to be taken by fans whilst visiting their favourite Ocean Basket. These selfies are then uploaded to a gallery app which is specifically designed for mobile, allowing for immediate engagement whilst sitting at table. Once your mad selfie has been uploaded you are then able to share it with friends, asking them to vote for your picture, creating excellent buzz and ongoing engagement with the brand. The grand prize for this campaign is a seven night luxury stay at Club Med Gregolimano in Greece, definitely something worth sharing for.

The entries and overall engagement so far is on track to achieve the KPI's set out by Ocean Basket and there have certainly been some crazy selfies getting the votes.

You can view the madness here and get your chin up –

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