Customer Experience Insights

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What's the best way to get real feedback about a value offering?
It's simple, ask the people who know best. Ask the customers.

So Interactive Digital Agency has created a digital platform for Ocean Basket, where fans and customers can give real, honest feedback about the value offered in-store and by the brand. The "So Much More to Enjoy" microsite has been a great win for overall brand esteem and the platform serves as a "Wall of Fame" for regulars, with the added bonus that the fans can tell the world in a video or a caption what it is that Ocean Basket gives them that is so much more.

The micro website is responsive across all devices and has garnered some delightful customer engagement so far. Ease of use was a vital component and has allowed customers the opportunity to upload their videos and pictures whilst enjoying their favourite "Good Thing" at Ocean Basket. The benefits are that we have real brand advocates telling the world about their favourites, and the brand is getting actionable feedback on what works.

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