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At So Interactive Digital Agency, we believe that marketing and entertainment go hand-in-hand. Our latest project for Ocean Basket is a perfect example of how we translated an above-the-line concept into a fun and quirky game that proved to be as addictive as Ocean Basket’s sushi.

The Ninjas Are Coming

Ocean Basket launched an exciting new sushi menu at the end of October 2013. The menu includes a wide selection of new and delectable sushi creations. The campaign TVC depicts a ninja sneaking around Maria’s kitchen, trying to grab the sushi with the tagline: “Sushi so good the Japanese want it back.” Our job was to translate the campaign into an entertaining and engaging digital marketing component that would support the overall campaign.

Our Creatives “Slap Em Sushi”

Strategically, we decided that the most interesting way to engage fans was to create a facebook gaming app that would be as addictive as the new sushi dishes. “Slap em Sushi” was our creative team’s solution.

App Developers Give it Claws

For the full experience it’s best to play the game, but in short, you have to stop four ninjas and one feline fiend from getting their hands or claws on the sushi platter. To win you have to stay in the game long enough to make it to the top of the “Wall of Fame”.
The “Slap em Sushi” online game definitely fulfils the criteria of a truly addictive Facebook gaming experience, whilst fulfilling the client’s need to display their new sushi offerings.

  • Attractive and easy-to-use interface.
  • You play against time.
  • The controls and objectives are repetitive, in the good old arcade sense.
  • You receive fun encouraging quips.
  • And, you get to challenge your Facebook friends.

Winning Results

So far “Slap em Sushi” has been well received. The average time fans are spending on the games is 7 minutes. The campaign overall has been a resounding success with in-store sushi sales reaching well past client’s targets.

So why not give the game a try, see if you can reach Master Status – Go on “Slap em Sushi”

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