Hooking 11 000 New Fans

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Ocean Basket’s Feeshing for Love Success

Over the past four years So Interactive has consistently driven Ocean Basket from strength-to-strength in the digisphere. So far the first quarter of 2013 has seen the biggest jump in Ocean Basket digital ROI. The catalyst? A simple campaign driving mega-traffic to the new website and increasing the overall Ocean Basket social and digital fan base.

So Interactive’s team saw a perfect opportunity to combine online advertising with the launch of the new Ocean Basket responsive website. The month of Valentines was agreed upon as the perfect backdrop for an engaging and fun campaign. It was time to spoil the loving fans.

Key Elements When Fishing:

  • Keep it Simple
  • Increase the Facebook fan base by 10 000
  • Create a cross platform campaign incorporating desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone
  • Increase awareness of the What a Catch recommended dishes
  • Market the international brand presence by sending the winners to Mauritius, where Ocean Basket has three successful stores
  • Strengthen the two-way communication path between brand and fans
  • Create immediate new site awareness and engagement
  • Let the fans have fun expressing themselves

Creative Process

With budget in hand and some attractive prizes in the bag we began our creative process. Fans would upload images of themselves and a loved one; filter and frame their pic; and post it as an embodiment of true love. There would be a gallery and a leader board based on votes. The competition would be a combination of vote and lucky draw, ensuring fair play. To ensure voter engagement, we enticed fans and friends of fans by awarding voters with Ocean Basket gift vouchers.

We called it "Feeshing for Love" as Ocean Basket was looking to catch a couple in love. This was tied into the idea of What a Catch. Attractive filters and quirky frames connected to love were used as part of the entry process. The grand prize was a trip to Mauritius, so all digital and print collateral revolved around love and beautiful tropical beaches.


The development team implemented a clean and simple app which tied nicely into the new website blog and gallery section. The app was focused on maintaining maximum ease of use. The barrier to entry was kept to an absolute minimum and ensured a quick and easy entry process. What’s more, we added a little extra magic so that the app could be accessed via Facebook on a desktop or laptop, and it would immediately redirect to a mobi interface for users who were in store on their mobile devices. Just by adding this tiny little key to our campaign we saw over half of the new Ocean Basket fans coming from mobile devices, a new trend for the Sole Provider.


On the 4th of April the new Ocean Basket website went live. Two days later the Feeshing for Love campaign was launched. Within a few minutes of posting the first call to action on Facebook there were over a hundred pictures uploaded to the competition gallery. Instead of only running the competition for two weeks, up to Valentine’s day, we decided we would make it a month of love and sharing. The competition was met with great excitement causing some to complain about the voting process whilst others were immediately out canvasing friends, family and family of friends to vote. All in all the buzz was steady and positive.

The Result

By the end of the campaign there were over 3500 entrants with over 100 000 votes in total. Fans were excited and engaged with the brand and each other over the course of the whole month. In the end 11 500 new fans were achieved on Facebook, a 50% increase in total fans, and we had the highest unique visitor statistics on the website of 67 500 unique visitors, triple the usual number. Overall the campaign exceeded expectations and achieved all the goals we set out for Ocean Basket. So Interactive once again stepped up and delivered on our promise of digital passion with concrete results.