Inflating Ocean Basket’s 18th Birthday Celebration

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Every big birthday needs a big celebration and our client, Ocean Basket, is no exception. South Africa’s favourite seafood chain celebrated their 18th birthday by offering their loyal customers, their family and friends, one of their signature dishes, Fish and Chips, for only R18.

Digital Helium, Connecting Worlds

The campaign was exclusively led by digital creative agency, So Interactive, and we created a targeted digital strategy that focused on Ocean Basket’s fans. The campaign was driven by the headline “Celebrating 18 Years of Food and Family”, a nod to Ocean Basket’s strong family values. Balloons were used as a celebratory element which tied the digital campaign together with the real world. The abundance of balloons in rich blue Ocean Basket colour, drove continuity of the brand and created excitement around the birthday.

Invitation by Air

The first element that engaged the customers, and got them excited about the birthday, was an interactive in-store invitation. We wanted the current, loyal customers to be the first to know about the birthday celebrations. The invitation consisted of a postcard which included a balloon with the birthday details printed on it. Customers were invited to inflate the balloon to find out about the celebration.

An Exclusive Facebook App

The digital elements comprised of a fun, interactive Facebook app with a competition element. The 34 000 existing Facebook fans were able to assemble a virtual dinner table of friends that would become real, should they win the competition. The balloon was used as a design element to represent each guest. The Facebook application was a great way to spread the news of the birthday special; each entry posted a birthday invitation on the timeline of each guest invited to a virtual dinner table. This meant more people seeing the special than just the current Facebook fans and resulted in 12 000 new fans.

The digital campaign launched with great success using: Subscriber Database Mailers, Google Adwords, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. The first digital messages sent out gained immediate traction, reaching over 500 000 impressions on the first day.

The campaign ran over 7 days with massive results creating a huge buzz around the birthday. On the day, Ocean Basket website visits reached an all-time, single-day high and the in-store targets were outstripped.

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Campaign Results:

  • 5 million impression
  • Record breaking daily website visits
  • 50% Increase in site traffic
  • 12 000 new Facebook fans
  • 1 000 retweets
  • We outstripped the Ocean Basket birthday sales target

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