Less-Is-More Content Strategy Key to B2B Marketing

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LRMG Performance Agency has an extensive amount of value and content to share when it comes to management consulting and organisational learning services. Their biggest challenge, in the B2B marketing environment, has been to get that value out to the correct people in the most decisive, lose-the-fluff kind of way. To achieve this clear flow of information LRMG approached So Interactive, Digital Creative Agency, for a full site redesign.

The corporate learning environment is high paced and practical. Top company decision makers identify core issues which they need to resolve quickly. So it is important for the LRMG target market to be able to find the solution they need and get going with that solution as soon as possible. However, that does not mean throwing the baby out with the bathwater; CEOs and HR heads also want to be sure that they are looking at a reliable partner. That means giving enough credibility without drowning executives in a swamp of supporting data, and that is precisely what So Interactive has delivered.

Pivotal to the success of the new design was the distillation of the existing content into crystal clear content parcels. A no-nonsense content strategy was implemented by So Interactive to ensure the quickest, clearest and simplest path to the information necessary for decision makers to hit the “contact us” button and begin the consultation process.

“The UX design took its lead from our ruthless content strategy,” shares Darren Mansour, So Interactive’s Digital Director, “By giving each of the eight LRMG business units its own section with easy scrolling between concise subsections and an on-page connection to relevant testimonial, case study and blog article overlays, users are now able to make an informed decision with the minimum amount of clicks, navigation and reading.”

With well-balanced white space and visual efficiency, what was once a copy heavy maze, has become an elegant and precise B2B website. LRMG experienced an immediate increase in traffic to the site and online new business leads have improved, primarily as a result of the no-nonsense content approach. When it comes to B2B marketing, So Interactive has always believed in the less-is-more mantra and LRMG’s success has confirmed it once again.

View the Less-Is-More content strategy at work

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