Meet “The Prawns”

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As Ocean Basket continues to drive its message of funny,quirky seafood family through all their offerings, So Interactive decided itwas time to do something for the children. And, what better way than to create afamily of finger puppets for hours of imaginative entertainment.

We crafted "The Prawns", a jovial family of five includingPapa, Mama, Brada, Sista and Baba Prawn. The Prawns are being released over thePrawn Extravaganza campaign. Starting with Papa Prawn and ending with Baba. Parentscan download the puppets for their children to cut out and paste onto theirfingers.

This is the first digital effort geared towards children forOcean Basket and the colourfully illustrated Prawns have been met with a warmreception as parents continue to visit the page and download the puppets eachweek.

Without further ado, meet The Prawns.