Ocean Basket ‘Feels Da Love’ with So Interactive

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Longstanding partners Ocean Basket and So Interactive recently made a new ‘friend’ – in the month of love we took Ocean Basket social, joining forces with Facebook to reel in customers with the successful launch of the ‘Feel Da Love’ campaign.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Ocean Basket tasked us with conceiving and implementing a Valentine’s Day competition with a difference. ‘Feel Da Love’ went beyond the standard fanfare of red roses and heart-shaped chocolates – the campaign engaged customers via the world’s most popular social networking site, Facebook.

In the midst of what is being described by some as ‘the social media revolution’, our forward-thinking marketing strategy was a perfect fit for the Ocean Basket brand, highlighting its commitment to engaging and interacting with its customers, while at the same time being cost-effective and meeting the Valentine’s Day deadline.

The campaign was the brainchild of our digital creative and strategy departments at So Interactive. The ‘Feel Da Love’ campaign invited loved-up couples to take a snapshot of themselves, upload it to the official Ocean Basket Facebook group and tag Ocean Basket in the pic. The tagged snapshot served as an entry into a draw and entrants stood a chance of winning a ‘date night’ for a year in the form of 12 Ocean Basket meal vouchers.

We Form Partnerships

Headed up by founding director, Darren Mansour, So Interactive doesn’t have clients it has partners. “The ‘Feel Da Love’ campaign was a prime example of a dynamic partnership that works,” explains Darren. “We worked with Ocean Basket, as we have many times before, to achieve their objectives. The result is a campaign that spoke to its target market in a medium that they not only responded to, but also engaged with on a daily basis.”

“Two factors, the budget constraints and need for a quick turnaround, were key in our decision to launch the campaign on Facebook,” explains Darren. “The beauty of this strategy was that the campaign didn’t require development – we could get ‘Feel Da Love’ up and running quickly by using Facebook’s existing features.”

Within days of the campaign launch, several entries were received and Ocean Basket’s Facebook group membership increased by 200%, proving that Ocean Basket and social media are a combination that works. “This was So Interactive’s first step into the social media arena with Ocean Basket and we look forward to an interactive future,” says Darren.