Passion for Fashion Digital Quiz

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How fashion savvy are you really? In September So Interactive went live with the Strawberry Lips "Dress to Impress" competition. Complete the weekly quiz by picking out the legit fashion item from the glamourous line up of fakes and you could win one of two jewellery hampers filled with designer accessories.

Fans of DGB’s deliciously seductive cream-tequila liqueur have an eye for the good things in life and what better way to test it than by taking this passion for fashion quiz. So Interactive designed and developed the app which is tied into the Facebook API and can be shared, for maximum reach, throughout the duration of the competition. With cross device functionality we have made sure fans can access it from anywhere and at any time.

The "Dress to Impress" competition is endorsed by DJ Zinhle and includes some of her very own fashion range. For those who aren’t always sure what’s fashion and what’s fong kong, don’t worry, we’ve added helpful hints to each question in case you get it wrong the first time around.

This is one in a string of fun apps and games that So Interactive, Digital Creative Agency, has created for DGB and it promises to be a challenge worth taking.

You’ve got one more week before the competition closes.

So go on, find out how fashion savvy you are - Enter the Competition