So Interactive and McNab’s: A Feel Good Story

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It is with great pleasure that we announce our latest digital partnership with non-other than the Super Boosting health brand, McNab’s FeelGood. As of April 2013 we have taken on the responsibility of Super Charging all McNab’s FeelGood communications in the “digisphere”.

“This new relationship is a major yardstick for us at So Interactive. McNab’s is the first health brand to join us. They are funky, irreverent and quirky, which is very much aligned with our attitude as a digital creative agency. The timing of this account is absolutely perfect as we funk up our own brand and expand our capacity,” says Darren Mansour, our Digital Director.

McNab’s FeelGood and So Interactive SuperDigital

McNab’s FeelGood offers us an opportunity to truly craft something exciting and new as the brand has done marginal work in the digital space. We are being given the chance to test, measure and prove all our capabilities. The account was won through solid research, high powered strategy and super charged creative. Now its all about the work, crafting and refining as we go.

Stay up-to-date with the Super FeelGood progress of McNab’s as they get their daily dose of SuperDigital from our So Interactive Team McNabsFeelGood.