So Interactive Brings Perfection Online

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Consider the Burger. Consider a tower of freshly sliced tomato and braised onion, skyscraping over a homemade chunk of 100% pure beef (chicken or veg) patty; dusted with spices, cascading onto a cushion of greens, and all cupped between a proportionately chosen bread-bun.

Now consider the Burger, Perfected.

Renowned for its passion for every patty, the fast growing burger food chain, Burger Perfect, has stuck by its brand convictions over the years, crafting only the finest of burger creations, and variations, to suit all individual tastes. It would seem only fitting that when the time came for the artistic burger brand to perfect its online presence, the emphasis would be on selecting the right digital agency to mirror the brand’s customer objectives and creative principles.

We are happy to announce that in the end So Interactive was the Agency of choice. Having already gained online credibility in the food industry, our So Design Team gracefully stole the limelight with their online pitch to Burger Perfect in 2011. Both passionate about the creative and strategic online journey, we collaborated with the Burger Perfect Team to develop the perfect digital space for Gauteng’s perfect burgers.

In November last year, we unveiled the all-new, all-appetizing Burger Perfect website: A crisp, fresh approach to burger browsing that would have the toughest of burger connoisseurs clicking through a smorgasbord of burgers and grills with enthusiasm and gusto.

“It was important for us to  offer our client simple yet effective stepping stones to achieving the three essential ingredients that are the essence of the Burger Perfect Brand: choice, voice and customer satisfaction,” explains Darren Mansour, our Founding Director at So Interactive Digital Creations.

We effectively established the “Choice, Voice and Customer Satisfaction” Platform by firstly allowing for clean lines and easy navigation through the four different Burger Perfect Menu categories, taking special care not to overwhelm the browser with a wealth of information. The menus are separated into creative options ranging from Premium Burgers – which include the welcome additions of taste bud tantalizers like rocket, feta, jalapeños and mushrooms – to a variety of steak roll ensembles and flame grilled selections. In addition to the more mature burger preferences, there is a fun and playful menu too, solely dedicated to bambino burger munchers.

In keeping with brand transparency and ultimately delivering on customer satisfaction, the website now also provides the interactive ability for site visitors to voice their opinions, queries and/or constructive criticisms via Twitter and Facebook social spaces.

“The response has been positive thus far,” says Mansour, “It’s great to see that burger lovers across the region are responding to the holistic online approach that we set out to create from the beginning.”

Since our inception in 2006, we have delivered successful online brand strategies to a string of leading food industry brands.
So if you’re feeling famished you can now locate your nearest Burger Perfect outlet for your lunchtime or dinnertime fix at thanks to the So Team.