So Interactive Gets Ready For a Fiesta with Bandito’s

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The month of April saw So Interactive a buzz with celebration and diligent creative excellence, and the cherry or, in this case, the Habanero on top was landing the Bandito’s digital account. Now that’s hot!

Success Attracts Hotter Success

Most companies and brands have finally turned to digital, realising the potential for gaining higher ROI and delivering heavier hitting creative messages. Bandito’s is no exception, they know that digital holds the key to the future and that’s why they are backing it heavily. The challenge, of course, is working out the how, that’s where we come in. With our established track record of digital creative excellence, we were in exactly the right place at the right time to show Bandito’s the possibilities, both practical and creative.

Bandito’s presents us with a true challenge because the brand is a virginal face in the “digisphere”. Up to now they’ve had nominal digital presence, so we have a blank canvas upon which to develop and paint a truly lasting digital impression. Not to mention we all love a good Mexican Fiesta and Bandito’s has got everything you could wish for from a South African made Mexican Food Brand.

Keep an eye out for the exciting campaigns we have in store for our new partners, Bandito’s.

Ariba, Ariba, Amigo!