So Interactive Gets Sooo Sexy

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As winter gets into full swing there is a glimmer of brilliant yellow in the middle of the “digiscape”. It’s source? The sexy new face of So Interactive - Digital Creative Agency. After six years of delivering creative digital marketing clothed in red, the time has come for a fresh face, one that embodies the business that we are today. 

“The decision to change the branding comes as we pass our sixth birthday,” confides Darren Mansour, our Digital Director, “Building this agency has been an incredible experience, the best of my life, and I look forward to seeing where the refreshing change takes us in the years to come. This new look is not just about a look, it exemplifies the way the agency has evolved over the past six years and pays homage to the great clients that have been on the journey with us so far, whilst welcoming those joining us now and in the future."

As our portfolio of clients expands into new industries, and as our stable continues to attract world class Digital team members, so our brand stretches for greater heights. Everything about the new brand speaks of creativity, energy, unity and sophistication.  We have embraced the change with open arms and we will continue to deliver digital work that assists our clients to be at the top of their game on current and emerging digital channels.