So Interactive Presents Maria

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Over the past six months the face of Ocean Basket has changed. At the centre of this change is Maria, the gorgeous Mediterranean Mama who now embodies everything that is good about South Africa’s favourite seafood chain. And, at So Interactive we’re making sure that Maria is unforgettable by using as many digital channels as possible.

Our first chance to introduce you to Maria was in March this year when Ocean Basket ran their “Pick of the Ocean Campaign”. It was a combined bretail campaign introducing the new face of the brand, Maria, whilst offering a strong retail proposition, the “Pick of the Ocean Platter”. The campaign was very successful, with product selling out and Maria receiving a warm welcome from the fans on Youtube, Facebook and the Ocean Basket website. July presented us with an even better opportunity to get Maria in front of everyone as Ocean Basket launched the “Big, Bigger, Jumbo Hake Campaign”.

This time our design and development team decided to engage fans directly with the evolution of the brand by placing the new TVC in a sleek Facebook App. The application, called “Meet the Family”, entices fans and users to absorb the new brand information and pushes the latest product offering through a fun competition based quiz. So far the app has been met with avid use and Ocean Basket’s Facebook page gained more than 600 new fans within 48 hours of launching the app. The fresh design and seamless app development have ensured that Maria and the “Jumbo Hake” are emblazoned into the minds of Ocean Basket’s fans.

Follow the link to play the ad and find out why Maria made the “Big, Bigger, Jumbo Hake”. Pay attention, you could win this weeks Ocean Basket Gift Voucher: Meet the Family.

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