So Interactive Reels in Results with Ocean Basket

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Throughout the month of February Ocean Basket customers and So Interactive felt the love with a unique Valentines Day competition. The ‘Feel Da Love’ Campaign didn’t only make Ocean Basket a whole bunch of new Facebook friends, it reeled in impressive results

We partnered with Ocean Basket to run the ‘Feel Da Love’ campaign throughout the month of February. A Valentines Day competition with a difference, our integrated campaign strategy utilised mass mail, in-store promotion and ‘word of mouth’ to drive people to Ocean Basket’s Facebook page, the social media platform from where the competition ran.

Within days of the campaign launch, several entries were received and Ocean Basket's Facebook group membership increased by 200%. This was just the beginning... by the close of the competition interaction with the brand had increased by 1,000% with 119,346 post views and 1,154 comments.

“The most amazing part of a campaign like this one is the fact that it illustrates the power of viral and small budget marketing to obtain realistic results, quickly – results which can prove incredibly valuable when preparing for a major campaign. Based on the small marketing elements that were released we never expected such a quick response,” says our Founder, Darren Mansour. “As a direct result of the ‘Feel Da Love’ Campaign, user interaction with Ocean Basket’s Facebook page is up by 400% and this number has not only been sustained post competition, it continues to grow.”

The campaign was a definite success, not just for us and Ocean Basket (, but also for the lucky winner, Jennifer Poverello Ruegg. Her prize? 'Date Night' for a year in the form of 12 Ocean Basket meal vouchers. She had this to say when she received the news: “Thanks to Ocean Basket for adding some excitement to my day and I’m looking forward to redeeming [her] vouchers and tackling some more delicious mussel sauce!"