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As part of the Ocean Basket birthday campaign “Celebrating 18 Years of Food and Family”, So Interactive used social media to help drive viral awareness using a custom developed Facebook app called “Feast with Friends”. The Facebook app tied into the theme of celebration perfectly as it gave fans an opportunity to engage with the brand and spread the message in a fun and interactive way.

The Idea

The “Feast with Friends” competition was driven by Ocean Basket Facebook fans, which reinforced the mood of celebration. As the birthday special was led exclusively by digital creative agency, So Interactive, we needed to come up with a way to spread the word about the offer as quickly as possible. Ocean Basket had 34 000 loyal and interactive Facebook fans whom we wanted to utilise and get talking about the upcoming birthday special.

The App Development

We developed the app so that entrants could access their Facebook friends list and invite 5 of their preferred friends to a virtual Ocean Basket celebratory table. Should the entrant win, the virtual table would become a reality and the entrant and their chosen guests would enjoy an exclusive Ocean Basket dinner experience, worth R4500. The Facebook application linked the profile pics of the guests and superimposed them into balloons that represented each place at the table. The success of the social app lay in the fact that the compiled table was posted onto the Facebook timelines of each guest, whether they were a current Ocean Basket Facebook fan or not, subsequently spreading the word like viral wildfire. It also included the retail offer upon entering, which meant that the users were reminded of the birthday special every time they entered.

The Result

By creating a social application that was fun to use, with a great prize, the Facebook fans were keen to interact with it and enter the competition. Ocean Basket gained 12 000 new Facebook fans and the birthday special outperformed the expected sales target.

Screenshots of the App

Facebook Application By So Interactive Digital Agency

“Feast with Friends” was made possible by the unbelievable people at So Interactive Digital Creative Agency. A massive thank you to the entire team for creating such a successful project.

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